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The Stour Grown scheme will bring recognition to the producers in the Stour Valley such that local people and visitors can easily identify local products and be encouraged to purchase them. This will be done by developing and producing a recognisable brand for products from the Stour Valley.

The scheme will identify and support local producers who meet the laid down accreditation rules by giving them an identifiable brand to use with their produce. Local retailers will be able to use merchandising developed to promote these products.

This will

  • Increase awareness of the range of local products
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of buying local products
  • Encourage people to buy local products
  • Add to the local economy by keeping money circulating in the area
  • Benefit local producers and retailers and where appropriate increase¬†sales
  • Attract increased footfall in Shipston
  • Support the proposition that Shipston is an excellent place to shop
  • Support independent retailers
  • Assist local retailers and supermarkets in promoting local food and locally¬†produced goods

The brand will have a logo, sign-age, posters and general merchandising packs for retailers. It is envisaged that stickers and tags will be produced for individual items and the logo can be incorporated into packaging if required. Guidelines will be available for the use of logos and theses will be available in various formats. Physical stickers for products will be available at a cost.

Initially the scheme will concentrate on an area around Shipston but it will then be rolled out to the wider area of the Stour Valley


Producers will be asked to perform a self accreditation for the project. This will take the form of a series of questions relating to the provenance and methods of production. A certificate will be given to those who meet the accreditation rules confirming their membership of the Stour Grown scheme


There will be free promotional activity via the local press and radio, Stour United Businesses and various visitor initiatives linked to appropriate food and visitor festivals.

The benefits of buying local products will be emphasised which will increase the awareness of reducing food miles and carbon emissions and stress the importance of supporting the local producers and economy.

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